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New rides drop in at Wilson County Fair

By Caitlin Ring • Updated Aug 19, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Visitors to the Wilson County Fair might realize that things are a little different this year with new buildings, new scenery and four new big rides. 

New this year in the carnival area is the Polar Express, Skyfall, Power Surge and the Free Fall. Amusements of America also brought some additional rides for children, including the Froggy Hop, a smaller version of the Free Fall as well as the Volkswagon car ride and all the old favorites, too. 

Check out a full gallery of photos from Friday at the fair. 

The Free Fall is one of the tallest rides yet seen at the Wilson County Fair. Coming in at 105 feet, or it can be seen as 115, if measured with the American flag on top, the Free Fall is the main ride this year, taking riders up to the top for a brief view and dropping them quickly. The top of the ride can be seen from the road, and is near the back of the carnival section. 

Then there’s the Skyfall, which may look a little familiar from a ride present in the past few years called the Bonsia. The Skyfall features some updated safety measures, such as the metal cage around the outside, unlike the Bonsia, which just had a harness. The Skyfall takes riders in a swinging hammer motion pausing when the car and riders are all the way upside down, and then brings them back down. 

Weekend of events at the Wilson County Fair

The Polar Express can be the perfect excuse to get close to the ones you love, or whomever you happen to be beside, since the tight circular motion tends to bring people together. The ride features popular music and feels pretty fast, according to Rob Vivona, director of Amusements of America at the Wilson County Fair. The Polar Express is one of three similar music rides at the fair. 

“All you can do every year is improve,” Vivona said. “A lot of rides are freshened up. Mostly all of the rides now are LED rides because they’re more efficient and it looks better.”

The Power Surge ride is also new to the fair this year, which spins riders around and takes them up in the air. The ride was closed Monday due to computer issues, but the operator said they hoped to have it fixed by Tuesday evening. 

Amusements of America also added an additional ferris wheel this year so more people could take a ride during the solar eclipse Monday. There will be a special drawing for tickets to the ferris wheel during the solar eclipse event. 

The fair opens Saturday at 10 a.m. Check out the Democrat’s community calendar for more information on the day’s happenings.

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