City recycling program pilot extended

Xavier Smith • Updated Nov 5, 2016 at 3:00 PM

The City of Lebanon will extend its recycling program pilot through the end of the year after it launched in May.

Lebanon Public Works Director Jeff Baines said the city has extended the original 90-day pilot for the program to run through the end of the year to spread more awareness about the service and get more thorough information about its possibilities.

The Lebanon City Council approved the pilot program after several residents were left without curbside recycling service after the Green Monster announced it would no longer service the area.

City workers began picking up the recyclable materials as a part of the program, which has been successful so far, according to Baines.

“We’re in the 188-customer range right now and we’ve talked recently about pushing the program harder,” said Baines, who said the program is operated with a slight cost to the city currently.

Baines another factor that skewed information and judgment of the program in the first 90 days is the payment some residents gave Green Monster.

“When we took it over, [Green Monster] had 150-something customers and some of their people had paid in advance 2-4 months and didn’t refund anybody but we did not charge people who already paid Green Monster,” he said.

Baines said as of Sept. 1, all or most of the participating residents would pay their $15 per month to the city for the service.

“It’s something that the city of Lebanon has been talking about for a while, and we wanted to figure the right way to address the needs of the future for recycling. The state will be coming out at some point, requiring more stringent measures to divert garbage from the landfills. That means we have to find ways to recycle. By us jumping in now, we don’t lose all the momentum that Green Monster has created, and it gives us a chance to utilize our equipment and manpower to keep this program going,” Lebanon Mayor Philip Craighead said in May.

He said the landfill in Walter Hill, used by the city, only has about eight years before it is filled to capacity.

“One thing we have to do is be more aggressive and challenge folks to think green, think clean and get involved,” Baines said.

During the program: 

• the city will provide one 64-gallon cart and pick up paper, plastic and metal cans.

• the cost will be $15 per month and will be added to participating customers’ monthly water and gas bill. It will be listed under “miscellaneous” on their bill.

• if a city resident wants to participate and have a cart delivered, call Lebanon’s Public Works Department at 615-444-0825.

• if a participating resident has a question regarding their billing for recycling, call the Lebanon’s Utility Customer Service at 615-444-6300.

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