Rezoning plans halted for county schools

Xavier Smith • May 10, 2018 at 1:56 PM

The Wilson County Board of Education voted Monday to halt plans for rezoning in Mt. Juliet until September due to concerns caused by housing developments.

Wilson County Director of Schools Donna Wright said she preferred to hold off plans to rezone Mt. Juliet-area middle schools students due to the opening of Gladeville Middle School, noting new developments in Mt. Juliet could cause another rezoning if the board approved plans too soon.

Wright said the delay would allow the district to accurately plan for future growth within the area.

Wilson County Deputy Director of Schools Mickey Hall said Gladeville Middle School would house sixth- through eighth-grade students with a capacity of about 1,500. He said the school would be a combination of several schools, but resemble the new high schools on a smaller scale. 

The school will be built to alleviate overcrowding at Mt. Juliet and West Wilson middle schools, which have more than 1,600 and 1,300 students, respectively.

According to Hall, if the new school was built today and the proposed zones were accepted, the new school would have 792 students, Mt. Juliet Middle School would have 1,145 students and West Wilson Middle School would have 1,174 students.



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