Test scores to have minimal impact on teacher pay

Xavier Smith • Sep 25, 2017 at 4:57 PM

The Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System scores will have a minimal impact on pay for Wilson County Schools teachers, according to school officials.

The TVAAS measures student growth from year to year. In calculating a TVAAS score, a student’s performance is compared relative to the performance of his or her peers who have performed similarly on past assessments.

Wilson County Schools earned an overall composite score of 3. The district earned a level 5, the highest level possible, in system-wide numeracy and numeracy and literacy, while it scored a level 2 in science and level 1 in social studies and literacy.

A level 3 represents “average” growth and is considered “evidence that students met the growth standard.”

Jennifer Johnson, Wilson County Schools spokesperson, said teacher pay is determined through teachers’ overall evaluation scores at the end of the school year and not student assessment scores.

“While TVAAS scores are included, it’s a very small percentage – 10 percent – and that usually doesn’t impact a teacher’s overall score one way or another,” Johnson said.

Johnson said overall evaluation scores are based on classroom observations at 50 percent, student test scores at 10 percent, and the remaining 40 percent is decided by the teacher, which could be ACT scores, attendance, graduation rate and more.

Johnson said the most recent scores would be part of the overall evaluation at the end of the school year, and raises would go into effect during the next fiscal year.

The scores will not impact non-teaching positions, according to Johnson.

Mt. Juliet High School, Mt. Juliet Middle School, Carroll-Oakland School and Lakeview, Mt. Juliet, Stoner Creek and W.A. Wright elementary schools achieved a level 5 composite score. Watertown High School and Rutland Elementary School achieved a level 4 composite score.

The district’s composite score dipped to level 1 last year, which followed level 5 growth in 2015.

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