Neon mobile café to transition into classroom

Staff Reports • Updated Sep 12, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Lebanon Special School District’s Neon mobile café will soon transition into a mobile classroom. 

The bus started traveling to each of the district’s six schools Tuesday on a regular weekly rotation, where teachers may use the bus as an incentive for their students. Students can be introduced to a task in a regular classroom setting, then travel to the bus to complete the assignment. The bus can comfortably accommodate a class of 30, and teachers may choose to have students use their Chromebooks to research a particular lesson. 

“The possibilities for use of the bus are as endless as the creativity of our teachers,” said Director of Schools Scott Benson. 

The Family Resource Center also partnered with Youth Leadership Wilson and Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corp.’s Sharing Change to expand the Hometown Heroes project.  Similar to a yearlong read me day event, local professionals will be invited to read from a book collection with titles that support science, technology, engineering and math learning. Other book titles will support healthy character traits such as responsibility, empathy, self control and respect.

LSSD is also the first school system in Tennessee to hold the King Arthur Flour Bake for Good Kids program. As a kickoff for the LSSD’s Be Kind campaign, fourth- through seventh-grade students will learn, bake and share. 

“Those are the three main goals that the King Arthur Flour program aims to provide for kids. In the cross-curricular program, students learn about baking while using practical applications of math, science and comprehension skills. They’re excited to take that knowledge home and bake two loaves of bread, which they then share with a community member in need,” said a King Arthur Flour spokesperson.  

Each of Lebanon’s six schools will participate in a demonstration assembly Monday through Wednesday. During the afternoon of the demonstration, students will take home all the supplies needed to work with their parents to make the loaves of bread and expand the learning process to include the whole family. Throughout the year, LSSD staff will also look for students who consistently exhibit acts of kindness. The students will be able to choose a friend and be treated to a kindness party on the Neon bus. 

LSSD’s mission statement is “Committed to a Community of Excellence,” and its vision statement is “The commitment to excellence in teaching and learning inspires and empowers all children, equipping them with the tools they will need to be successful in a globally changing world.” Benson said the district is “continually pursuing new educational programs and thankful to the community stakeholders that assist LSSD in pursuing goals to support our students and enhance their education.”

September is also Attendance Awareness Month, and family engagement coordinator Ronie McPeak has a variety of activities planned. Lebanon schools played host to an attendance awareness event Tuesday at Baird Park baseball and softball fields. Families who attended were treated to free popcorn. 

Every School Day Counts is part of the attendance awareness campaign for the school district, and several community partners have gotten on board to help. 

“The city of Lebanon Youth Sports and The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department realize the importance of consistent school attendance and have committed to helping us realize our goals,” said McPeak.  

McPeak will also partner with the Family Resource Center to facilitate attendance works and active parenting classes to interested families.  Additionally, Lebanon schools will also hold friendly attendance competitions amongst the elementary schools, as well as the middle schools.

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