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Lebanon students go on Google Expedition

By Abby Pittman • May 31, 2017 at 8:59 PM

Wilson County Schools recently purchased a full set of virtual reality headsets for educational use for the students.

The headsets are on a rotation, allowing each school in the district to use them for a week.

The journalism class was given the opportunity to test out the new technology. One of the expeditions the class viewed was a visit to the moon. 

“It actually felt like I was walking around on the moon,” said Pranav Patel.

“You get to explore things that may not be possible for many students, and it gives you a new look on places from the comfort of your seat,” said Kaylin Martin.

Many teachers have received an allotted time slot to use the technologies in a way that benefits the content teach. It takes their lessons to a new level through a way that is more interesting and entertaining to the students.

Whitney Johnson, Lebanon High School librarian, said so far teachers have described them as a “virtual field trip.” Many of the teachers said students really enjoy this way of learning. “It is a great educational tool,” she said. “Teachers have taken students on a tour inside the human body, to see agriculture techniques in other countries and to visit landmarks from around the world.”

Leigh Miller, also a librarian at Lebanon, said, “Teachers have been excited to use the set. We have been booked for every block all week.”

Initially, there were some issues with the headsets. Inside the headset is a cellphone, and this is where the images are shown that create the feeling of virtual reality. The problem that happened is that many of the phones died during the class’s turn due to the short battery life.

Some students also had feelings of dizziness and nausea due to the realistic view and movement.

Despite the difficulties, the headsets are a very interesting concept. They allow you to put yourself in a new place and learn from it based on your surroundings. 

“The program provides teachers with relevant yet interesting information, so that they can help the students learn while they virtually travel,” said Rebecca Holder. “The program offers facts, so teachers can instruct the class while offering them the chance to go somewhere they never thought they could.”


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