Mt. Juliet Christian features human wax museum

Xavier Smith • Mar 29, 2017 at 1:51 PM

History came to life Wednesday at Mt. Juliet Christian Academy as the school held its annual fifth-grade human wax museum.

More than two-dozen students dressed as historical figures and shared their life with other students and visitors. Mt. Juliet Christian teacher Chelli Mosier said it’s the event’s eighth anniversary.


“We want history to come alive for the students, so as part of English and history, we do a research project. They research a person from history that they choose and then they create a presentation and become that person for the wax museum,” said Mosier, who said the project also includes a research paper.

Historical figures featured Wednesday included George Washington Carver, Lottie Moon, Rosa Parks, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Susan B. Anthony, Jim Elliot, Robert E. Lee, Louisa May Alcott, Henry Ford and more.

“They’re sharing with the other students and really become a part of their lives,” said Mosier, who said students are excited to showcase their research.

With a tap from a visitor, the students came to life and detailed their subjects’ lives and accomplishments.

Nathan Briggs chose Thomas Edison and said it took about a month to become comfortable with portraying the innovator. He admitted he didn’t know much about Edison a month ago, but appreciated his place in history.

“I like that he helped improve many other inventions besides the ones he invented himself,” Briggs said.

Chiemelie Ezeoke portrayed Martin Luther King Jr. and said it didn’t take him long to have confidence in his character since he’s known about the slain civil rights leader since the first grade.

“I love that he was a civil rights activist. That’s my favorite part,” Ezeoke said.

Isabella Nokes chose Elizabeth Blackwell and admitted she had never heard of the famous doctor.

“I wanted to choose a doctor, but the person I wanted was taken. I was happy to learn that she was a doctor,” Nokes said. “I really like that she was the first female doctor.”



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