Dozens come together to celebrate historic day

Angie Mayes • Updated Jan 17, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Dozens of dignitaries, church leaders and members of the community came together Saturday morning for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day March and Brunch.

The event, which started at Cedars of Lebanon Primitive Baptist Church, celebrated the life and legacy of King, who was a leader during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. He was shot and killed in 1968 in Memphis.

King’s legacy lives on in the hearts of many people, no matter their race.

“It’s important to keep this up every year because he was a very important man, and it’s important to remember his legacy,” said Maggie Benson, who was among the dozens gathered at the church for the event.

Catherine White said she looks forward to the event each year.

“I’ve been a part of this since the beginning when they used to meet at my house,” she said. “We’ve also always had white people involved.”

Those in attendance, like Pastor Jeffrey Maynard, said they see the races peacefully mixing in Lebanon and Wilson County every day.

“I see it every day out in the community,” he said. “People sharing together. People loving each other here and in the surrounding areas.”

He said he was at the event to support King’s legacy.

“I’m here to support the Martin Luther King Jr. walk because he believed the same thing I do, the love of all men. That’s what I stand for. I want to share what King stood for all of his life. 

Russell Irvin, a member of the Wilson County-Tennessee State University Alumni Association, said they participate in the event every year because it is one of their community outreach activities for the chapter.

“It is important, because this activity continues to honor [King], and it lets people know how important his work was,” Irvin said. 


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