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Joey Morasse: Gobble up those tasty Thanksgiving leftovers

Joey Morasse • Nov 21, 2017 at 6:48 PM

It’s that time of year again, and you buy the biggest bird you can find. Just like every other year, you have leftovers for days and vow you’ll never eat turkey again. 

I want to give you a creative way to use those leftovers. By planning ahead and making sides like carrots, squash, new potatoes and green beans, you can make a delicious turkey soup with a twist that is as easy as putting everything in one pot, including the leftover dressing, which will aid as a thickener and give it more depth of flavor. 

Remove all the meat and set aside. In a large pot, add the entire carcass with a teaspoon of salt, pepper and garlic powder and cover with water. After boiling for a half hour, strain the liquid back into the pot. Depending on the size of the turkey, the broth may taste a bit weak. If so, add a vegetable broth of your choice and adjust the spices as needed. 

If you do not wish to make your own stock, a 32-ounce box of vegetable or chicken stock will work, as well. Now, on to the next step…

Note: There are no measurements for this recipe. It depends on the amount of leftovers you have.

• turkey, roughly chopped.

• carrots.

• squash, roughly chopped.

• dressing, 1 cup to start, add more if you like it thicker.

• green beans

• new potatoes, roughly chopped.

After adding your leftovers, reduce the heat to a simmer. With the dressing having flavors of corn and sage, a great added twist that pairs well are chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, which are found in almost every grocery store. Depending on your tolerance for heat, begin with half a diced pepper and ½ teaspoon of adobo. 

Once stirred in, taste and add if needed. This ingredient will add a great smoky flavor and spice that really elevates this dish to another level. 

Add ½ teaspoon of ground cumin to give it even more of a Southwest kick. 

No, I didn’t forget the cranberry sauce…heat leftover cranberry sauce and mix with butter to create a savory and sweet jam. Serve on leftover rolls or cornbread alongside a hot bowl of stew. Enjoy.

Cooking since he could pull a chair up to the stove at 5 years old, Joey Morasse, of Lebanon, is the owner and operator of JoJo’s Barbecue and Catering. He is also a personal chef and offers in-home cooking classes.


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