Tennessee Music Pathway to bring tourism to Wilson County

Jacob Smith • Dec 7, 2017 at 5:21 PM

State tourist development Commissioner Kevin Triplett spoke Thursday at Fiddler’s Grove about the proposed Tennessee Music Pathway that could bring more tourism to every county in Tennessee.

“A lot of states out there have a rich history in music,” said Triplett. “Nobody has the volume of music history that we have in Tennessee. We need to own that.”

The pathway would mimic the successful Tennessee Whiskey Trail and connect visitors to famous music locations within the state. Well-known locations such as Graceland and the Grand Ole Opry will be represented, but also lesser-known locations such as Curly Putman Jr.’s farm in Lebanon where Paul McCartney stayed when he wrote the song, “Junior’s Farm,” a No. 3 hit single.

According to Triplett, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development has put together a list of iconic music locations in all 95 counties of Tennessee. The department worked with the state historian and came up with 600 possible locations for markers on the pathway, including birthplaces, resting places, hometowns, high schools and churches, locations of first-known recordings or performances and more.

“We want to be able to reward people,” said Triplett. “If someone visits 200 locations, then we want to give them something because they brought business into our state.”

The Tennessee Music Pathway was inspired partly by other locations in the country that have tourist attractions revolving around lyrics from famous songs, such as Winslow, Arizona’s mural attraction inspired by the lyrics of the song “Take It Easy” by the Eagles. Triplett wants to do similar murals and attractions in every county in the state.

“Music just comes up out of the ground in Tennessee,” said Triplett. “It’s who we are.”

According to Triplett, the Tennessee Music Pathway could be open as early as fall of 2018.

For more information, visit tn.gov/tourism. 

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