Cub Scouts gather for Rain Gutter Regatta

Angie Mayes • Updated Nov 7, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Nearly 150 Cub Scouts gathered in Lebanon on Saturday for the 2017 Walton Trail District Rain Gutter Regatta. 

The event, which is one of three major events for Cub Scouts throughout the year, brings the boys together for a day of fun and competition.

Pack 643 Scoutmaster Fred Schrimpe said the boys enjoy making the sailboats and “sailing” them down the rain gutter. Two rain gutters were set up, and the boys, two at a time, competed against each other for the fastest boat. 

“This is an alternative to the Pine Wood Derby, which most people are used to with the cars,” Schrimpe said. “We do this as a district so everybody races as a time slot, and we all come back at the end of the day to race against the other packs for the ultimate winners of the packs.”

To get the boats to move down the rain gutters, the boys would blow the sailboats, and they would speed down the water. The scout who could blow the fastest and move the boat the fastest was the winter.

The boats were all made out of the same materials. They each received the same packet, which contained balsa wood and a sail. Each painted the balsa wood and decorated the sail, which made each boat different.

Because they were made from the same materials, there was no chance for anyone to have an “edge,” Schrimpe said.

At the end of the day, the overall winners were Zack Smiljanic with Pack 861 in first; Zachary Speck with Pack 435 in second; Alex Dilley with Pack 643 in third; and Kaden Trudell with Pack 643 won best of show.

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