Lebanon man plays big role in Nashville downtown development

Jacob Smith • Aug 22, 2017 at 5:25 PM

A Lebanon man has played a big part in the renovation of two downtown areas in Nashville and was recently begun the redevelopment of a third area.

John Eldridge, founder and owner of E3 Construction Services, has recently begun investing in the rejuvenation of the newly named “City Heights” neighborhood of Nashville.

The company is best known for its impact on the popular 12 South and Wedgewood-Houston neighborhoods and Eldridge hopes to provide living areas in a new downtown area.

“As a builder in a rapidly growing city, I have a responsibility to preserve what makes Nashville ourcity and want to provide a mixed-income neighborhood that reflects the market while also ensuring that the people we depend on, like teachers and law enforcement, can both work and live in this city,” said Eldridge. “My goal with City Heights is to give this overlooked part of the town the identity it deserves and develop it into a new, emerging urban area where people can thrive, and with the support of the existing community there, we are doing just that.”

The City Heights area is between 31st Avenue and 16th Avenue North and stretches from Charlotte Avenue to Herman Street.

While he may work in the big city, Eldridge grew up in Crossville. He moved to Lebanon in 2010 because it was where his wife lived.

In 2008, after the economic downturn, Eldridge went against the grain and started E3 Construction Services.

“I kind of went the other way from everyone else,” said Eldridge. “I remember looking at construction and thinking, ‘everyone’s getting out, so it’s probably a good time to get in.’”

Eldridge said he feels strongly about the Nashville community and his passion has driven him to his role in the renovations. 

“Like any artist or someone who creates something, I’m drawn to that sense of gratification when I finish a project,” said Eldridge. “I feel great about what we’ve done in the community, and I think others do, too.”

The City Heights area offers E3 Construction Services a new opportunity in the flexibility of what they can do with the area.

“People keep asking me, ‘is it going to be like 12 South?’ or ‘is it going to be like Wedgewood-Houston?’” said Eldridge. “It’s not really either of those places, but it has a big upswing. It has an opportunity to be not just retail and restaurant and not just residential, but a hybrid of the two.”

Developments at City Heights are already underway, including 27N. at City Heights,which is set to deliver the first of 16 condominiums in the fall. Each home will be designed to be Nashville-based rootARCH and will span 1,300-2,000 square feet and include a rooftop deck and garage. Other projects from E3 Construction Services will be announced in the coming months. 

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