Eclipse a family affair at Five Oaks, Capitol Theatre

Xavier Smith • Aug 21, 2017 at 4:28 PM

Lebanon was one of the busiest locations in Middle Tennessee during Monday’s solar eclipse as families from across the globe made their way to Wilson County.

The Beatty family, consisting of Paige, Brian and Sarah Beatty and Brian Geary and Jane Bounce, made their way to Five Oaks Country Club to view the total solar eclipse.

Paige and Geary, of Arlington, Va., decided to use an extended weekend vacation for the event and to visit the rest of family, who are from Brentwood.

“We figured it was worth seeing the totality, and since they were in the path of totality, we figured we’d drive down and check it out,” Paige said.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Geary said.

The family said Paige Beatty informed the rest of the family about the event six months to a year ago.

“I just remember hearing about it and knowing that it was coming to Nashville and thinking, ‘Oh. That’s convenient. We can go down and see it,’” she said.

The family decided on Lebanon as opposed to Brentwood because of an extra minute of totality, and because it was a little closer to Arlington.

Brian Beatty formerly lived in Five Oaks. He said the family looked forward to the “life-changing experience.”

Steven Munson, of California, said the event caused a range of emotions for his family, who watched the eclipse at the Capitol Theatre.

“My wife actually felt a little emotional and was overwhelmed by seeing the whole thing. I just felt lucky to be here in this place,” said Munson, who said he’s witnessed several annular eclipses while in the western part of the country, but Monday was his first solar eclipse.

“It was amazing watching the sky go gray and watching the birds change direction. They all went one direction, and as soon as it was over, they went the other way. That was amazing and didn’t know to expect that,” he said.

Munson said the family didn’t know how much of the eclipse they would witness as clouds paraded the sky Monday afternoon.

“The skies opened up and gave us the clearest view we could ask for. I feel blessed,” he said. 

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