Nancy Evins: Now that we have tested your patience to the limit...

Nancy Evins • Updated May 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM

The first weekend in April, I wrote a column about testing your knowledge, as well as your patience. I just ran across it and could not make heads or tails of anything in it. And if any of you gave up on it after the first question, I quite understand.

I could be wrong, but I understood newspapers did not use numerals in their writings, except for bridge hands.

Since I wanted the answers to be on the end of the column so readers could take time to work on them, I decided to use capital letters instead of numbers with lowercase letters to ask the several questions I had about each section.

In other words “A” would be followed by a. b. c., etc. The matching letters would be on the other side, giving the answers. However, the capitals were scattered all along with the lowercase letters so that there was no way to find any explanations.

The first question asked what possible number of tricks could you take holding:

a. Q x x x (dummy)

A x x x

How and why?

This is where it starts getting weird with a B inserted in the A question.

The answer to this question was across the page, and the answer was two, and if you led small toward the queen and the king was in the hand in front of dummy, you would get two tricks, the ace as well as the queen. If the king were behind the queen, you would only get one trick, but at least you had a 50-50 chance at it. 

Question B has two parts to it…small case a. and b.

B. You are defending three no-trump by opponents. What do you lead from your hand?

a. K Q J 9 8 3

b. K 9 6 4 3

And the answer was a. king, b. 4. However, since C was made part of B, you probably never found the answers. And since C had only one question, there were no a. b., etc.,

I think you are getting the picture, and I am getting a headache. So the real part of C plus D and E will be discussed in next week’s issue.

Nancy Evins, of Lebanon, is a certified bridge instructor. Email her at [email protected]

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