Linda Alessi: Becoming an octogenarian

Linda Alessi • Updated Mar 10, 2018 at 8:30 AM

Who me?  Where did all those years go? It seems that not so long ago, I was frolicking at the beach with friends, looking over the cute boys, and life was good. Or was it? Teenagers do not have the carefree life we like to believe. They are filled with emotions they are not equipped to handle, but they are convinced they are adults. Us old folks know better.

Later on as young adults, we are busy planning our lives with the one we hope to share for many years to come. Even that was shortened, but no matter. It is all in the plan. We grow and mature and accept what we cannot change, and do change what we can. We can expand our horizons in directions we seek and continue life that is still filled with wonder and joy.

My life is filled with wonderful experiences, true friends and a loving family. I have travelled to Mexico, South America, Europe and many places in the good old U.S. I have met and been enriched by many who have shown incredible kindness and warmth. I am, indeed, blessed to have lived these 80 years with much for which to be grateful.

It does sadden me I am the last of the clan. I am fortunate to have my children, grandchildren and now great-grandchildren to carry on with their dreams and expectations. In 2012, I celebrated my 80th birthday.

It marked my two years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The years had been rewarding, expanding and afforded me the acquisition of new and wonderful friends. This year, when I was so ill, these friends did their utmost to alleviate some of the burden on my daughter. Meals were brought in, visits by friends spending time with me helped to aid in my recovery.

A celebration was held for this milestone birthday at a local Italian Restaurant, Piccolino’s, and 36 of my acquired friends in the West were in attendance. A special treat came from afar…New York where my nieces and nephew gathered to celebrate my niece, Geri’s birthday. They called on that day, and I spoke to all in attendance of that celebration, wishing me good health and much love. So again, I say I have no complaints having come this far.

I did not know what was ahead, but I can say I have cherished the time spent with those who are so dear to me that I have no regrets. I know as I can see around me, the hearing goes, the eyes go dimmer and those in my age group still have a willing spirit, but sometimes the flesh is weak. I look forward to the time ahead to share with those I love, and I am prepared for what adventures might be in store for me.

I have enjoyed all in my time and hope you will in your time.

Linda Alessi is a Lebanon Democrat contributing columnist who writes about life in the golden years.

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