Linda Alessi: How did I wind up here?

Linda Alessi • Updated Feb 10, 2018 at 12:00 PM

I really do not know what happened, but here I am with three suitcases, a bag full of prescriptions, Velcro wraps for both legs, thigh-high compression boots with accompanying electronics and last but not least my CPAC, staying with my daughter, Barbara, and her husband, Frank.

Two weeks ago, I started having leg pains. The usual visit to the orthopedic doctor for a cortisone injection, rest, compression, etc. evidently did not remedy the ailment. It got progressively worse, so much so I could not walk or put any pressure on my leg.

So it began. My three daughters were mobilizing. My son-in-law figured the logistics and decided I needed attention around the clock. I was packed up and taken to the Marco residence with explicit directions from the other two siblings.

The move to MarcoMedLand worked out well. Meds were given accordingly, meals – well planned and delicious – were served, and my every need was met.  

The household was reorganized for my safety and convenience.  A club chair with ottoman was taken down from the second floor and brought to the first floor. A television was placed strategically in front of the club chair for my viewing. All this, and they let me stay for a week.

I feel I should share this with you that I am truly grateful for the fine, thoughtful, caring daughters I have raised. They give of themselves in many areas and charitable ways, willingly and in good spirit. I am truly blessed to reach my age, and l

have many times in the past been aided and cared for in difficult times of recuperation by each of my daughters.

It seems as we age, the roles are reversed, and the children need to step up and make decisions. It is difficult to relinquish our position, but it is rewarding to see our children do what they have learned through our own behavior and caring.

Parents, do the right thing, because the children are watching.

Linda Alessi is a Lebanon Democrat contributing columnist who writes about life in the golden years.

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