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Bill Haslam: Tennessee will lead

Bill Haslam • Updated Feb 1, 2018 at 12:45 PM

On Monday night, in my eighth and final State of the State address, I issued a bold new challenge to our great state. Tennessee will lead the nation in jobs, education and government efficiency.

Seven years ago, we raised our expectations, challenging ourselves to compete with any state in the nation. We made tough decisions and focused on solving problems. That’s how real progress gets made, and because of the effectiveness of our work, Tennessee is in a better place today than it has been in its 222-year history.

Our country’s founding fathers established the states as laboratories of democracy, where each state could choose its own path and learn what works. In Tennessee, we now know what works.

By continuing to fuel the jobs machine we’ve created here, we will lift up the already high quality of life here in this great state.

By accelerating the gains we’ve made in education and staying true to the reforms in place we will ensure that every student will have an opportunity to learn.

And by being the very best stewards of the people’s money, we will continue to deliver efficient and effective government services at the lowest possible cost.

In a time when the American people are frustrated with political gridlock, Tennessee will lead the charge in showing the country what it means to solve problems.

Being called by Tennessee’s citizens to lead the state I love for the past seven years has been my life’s greatest honor. It is time for Tennessee to lead the nation. I believe we can, and I believe we will.

Bill Haslam is the Republican governor of Tennessee

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