Jacob Smith: Theories on the new Star Wars movie

Jacob Smith • Updated Oct 12, 2017 at 1:00 PM

This year marks the third year in a row I’ll be able to attend the premiere of a new Star Wars movie.

I was one of the many people who was thrilled when I heard the news that the franchise had been bought by Disney. I think most people shared my outlook, but I did have one friend who just kept furiously repeating, “Disney ruined my childhood.”

For a lot of people my age, Star Wars was a big part of our childhoods. We’re at the age where most of our parents saw the original movies when they came out and introduced them to us at a young age. We also had the prequel trilogy, which, admittedly, wasn’t quite as good, but was still a blockbuster franchise in its own right.

So now a new generation gets to grow up with Star Wars in a way that we never did. With a new movie coming out every year, including main series movies along with side stories, children growing up with the movies today get to experience Star Wars as a much more vast universe than we did. Luckily, we get to go along for he ride.

The new trailer released Monday night hinted at a lot of major events coming in the new installment, but I was left wondering how much of it was intentionally misleading. Two particular instances stood out to me.

First was the shot where it appears that Kylo Ren is contemplating killing his mother, Leia.

Now, I do think that the writers intend to kill off the characters from the original trilogy so they can begin expanding the story even more.

I don’t think Kylo Ren will kill Leia, though.

I think the writers are setting this trilogy up to be more about Ren’s redemption than Rey’s exploration of her force sensitivity. In having Ren kill Han Solo in the last movie, Ren was established as a truly evil character.

However, were he to kill both of his parents, I don’t believe he could be redeemed, much the same way Anakin Skywalker couldn’t fully be redeemed except through sacrificing himself.

What I think will happen is that Ren and Rey will create a new Jedi order at the end of the current trilogy and for that to happen, I don’t think Ren can kill his mother.

Secondly, at the very end of the trailer, it appears Ren and Rey are teaming up after Luke Skywalker refuses to train Rey.

I’ve heard a lot of people theorize Luke will turn to the dark side, and the two will come together to fight him. This is something I really hope doesn’t happen.

If Luke does turn to the dark side, then what was the point of the whole original trilogy? He resisted Vader and the emperor only to turn because one of his apprentices was really moody? I hope this is not the direction they go.

What I do think will happen is Ren and Rey will discover a new path to take, not the light side or the dark side, but something in between. The Sith are obviously evil and, as the prequel trilogy showed, the Jedi have their flaws, as well. I think the two will realize this and create something entirely new. Not evil like the Sith, but not restrictive like the Jedi, either.

These are all just theories and not to be taken at face value at all, but that’s why I love Star Wars. There’s so much lore to the series, and it leaves plenty of room for interpretations.

Oh, and it’s just flat-out awesome.

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