Nancy Evins: I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken

Nancy Evins • Updated Oct 8, 2017 at 2:00 PM

My father said I was the most stubborn person he had ever met. I thought it was a compliment on my paper route when I was 12. My neighborhood had no other girls but plenty of boys so I swam, fished, climbed trees and showed off on my bicycle.

When one of my playmates got a job delivering the afternoon paper, I got one to deliver the morning paper. The boy who had it was to take me around to show me the route for several days in a row. On the second day he stood me up, mostly because of the terrible rainstorm overhead.

It rained solidly for about a week, and I rose in the morning about 5 and started off, returning like a wet rat.

I thought dad was proud of me, but I was happy when about six months later, he said I was to quit as cold weather was approaching.

But a year ago, I ordered a shower curtain from a company online. They sent the wrong one. I called and offered to send it back, but they said to keep it, and they would send another. So they did, and it was exactly like the first. The next was closer to what had been shown, but after about six shower curtains, I began my correspondence with the head of the company and got to know him pretty well since we had many talks regarding the situation. When they finally got it right, he sent me a little trophy, which said, ”Most Persistent Customer of 2015.”

So maybe that stubbornness is still in effect when I took a small quiz on bridge, not getting one correct answer, according to the author.

See how you would answer this one.

You are South holding:

Spades: K Q J 10

Hearts: J 9 7 6 3

Diamonds: K J 4

Clubs: 5

The author asks what do you open with and surprisingly says one spade. He goes on to say that if partner responds one no-trump, you have will difficulty in finding another bid.

Huh? It is always correct to bid the longer major suit first. True, you can never mention spades, because this would be a reverse, showing about 16 points.

But why would you need to? If North bids one spade, then you have a fit. If not, why distort your distribution? Should he bid this dreaded no-trump, just pass. He can have no more than three spades and two hearts, leaving at least eight cards in the minors and six to nine points.

If anyone sees the errors of my thoughts, please write. I still could be mistaken.

Nancy Evins, of Lebanon, is a certified bridge instructor. Email her at [email protected]


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