Linda Alessi: Some thoughts on happiness

Linda Alessi • Updated Sep 30, 2017 at 1:00 PM

How in this world of turmoil, confusion and depression can we be so bold as to talk about happiness? In my humble opinion, it is more relevant today in our society and our immediate circumstances.

Happpiness is expressed in so many ways and manifests by our behavior and relationship with others. Look around you. It matters not what your age might be, for if you found joy in the everyday life you lived, chances are you still can remember and feel the same. There are some who have experienced trials, tribulations and sorrow but still have the ability to find each day a reason to be happy.

Happy people use trials as an opportunity for growth and renewal. We can remember dark days, and out of the darkness came a recognition of inner strength we did not know we possessed. Happiness can also be a habit to be practiced and used that is a benefit to our health and well being.

We all know people who are happy and see the glass half full opposing the negative aspect of the glass half empty. Those who are happy will cultivate optimism in himself or herself, and it can be contagious and spread to others.

Happy people focus on the present, learn from the past and look forward to the future. They do not miss the moment they are living and experiencing. They do not live in memories where they cannot abide, but instead use the memories to enrich their lives as they live it today.

Happy people are forgiving of others and are generous with their time, talent and wealth. There is a balance of each which makes the whole a happier person. Happy people nurture relationships and treasure friendships by giving and learning to accept from others their gifts of caring. Happy people are also ready to show gratitude for gifts bestowed upon them. Cheerfulness and happiness is way to live our lives more abundantly.

Happy people care for their bodies and do not allow it to be abused. They cherish their ability to function wholly and live in moderation. They also care for their soul, which can be nourished by spirituality and enjoyment of the simple things of life.  The joy of a beautiful sunrise, a magnificent sunset, the love song of birds calling to each other, the sound of waves slapping against the shore and reciprocal love of another, enjoying the splendor of each event is an indication of a content, happy person.

Our spiritual leaders, our doctors and our psychiatrists will surely reinforce that happy people can have healthier lives, possibly live longer and leave a mark on others who may perpetuate the good feeling on and on.

We can check our memory bank and remember those who might have influenced us in the past with positive affirmation. Unfortunately, there are some who dwell in darkness and refuse to see the light wherever it may shine. They are confined to living in a joyless existence not seeing or recognizing how to be happy.

My wish for all is to find the balance that is evident in life and enjoy the happiness of the past, the anticipation of the future, but most of all enjoy the present to the fullest capacity.

Linda Alessi is a contributing columnist who writes about life beyond the younger years.

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