Linda Alessi: Light is the answer

Linda Alessi • Updated Sep 23, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Light is the answer.  To what you may ask? It is the way to see what is around you.  It takes you out of darkness. Knowledge is light; faith is light; hope is light. The light at the end of the tunnel is cliché, but the aspect brings us to understanding.

Many of us struggle in the darkness when sleepless nights befall us, and we anxiously await the morning light. All things seem less frightful in the light of day. We can face what we fear with more courage in the light. Maybe it only seems that way, but we hope and pray for the light to shine and make things clearer or more visible.

Nature shows us sunlight is an important factor for life. The sunlight provides necessary vitamin D and nourishes us with other benefits. Flowers need light to fill our life with the fragrance and color that enrich our environment. Most vegetables need light to mature to provide us with food.

 It is well known the light improves the mood of humans, and darkness represses joyfulness. Many people suffer from the lack of light and require sunlight lamps to help them through dark days. So let there be light.

Sunlight enables us to see and experience the wondrous clouds constantly changing formation feeding our imagination. How many before us have pondered the skies and were inspired to paint, invent or create poetry feeding our souls with great pleasure.

Light comes into our lives and allows us to open our hearts to new and different things. Think about the many books read, which have enlightened our way of life to improve the world around us. Art and music have enlightened and lifted our spirits.  

Light shines on a crystal, and the prism of colors is stunning and apparent. Without light, none of this can be seen or appreciated.

There is also lightheartedness, which lifts the burdens of life from our shoulders and hearts to live with a joyful attitude amidst trouble and strife. Sometimes, it is not easy to do, but with practice, it can be accomplished.

In conclusion, may I strongly advise we come out of the darkness and into the light.  Come forward and greet the day with renewed knowledge, faith and hope and all will seem clearer and more bearable in the light.

Linda Alessi is a contributing columnist who writes about life beyond the younger years.

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