Life in the Golden Years: Time is a gift

Linda Alessi • Sep 8, 2017 at 10:25 PM

To many who are in the last decade of their lives, the gift of years may still be a time of wonder and questions. I have come to the realization it is truly a gift to age gracefully with peace and serenity.  

The years before were filled with the goals, pursuing, chasing and reaching for what we think we need to lead a successful and worthwhile life. Many of us have achieved what we sought after, and some have not. Now what?

Our roles have changed, and we have the time to re-examine what life was all about. To reach this time of enlightenment, we have to process all the trials and tribulations that we have encountered. Can we see the benefit of living through the bad times and appreciate the good ones? Have we learned what we have accumulated is only embellishments to prove our success, not how happy or fulfilled we might feel?

The hectic time is over. The time to contemplate is here. Have we forgiven ourselves for the past decisions, mistakes or wrong turns in the road we have taken? Can we divest ourselves of the burdens we have carried of wrongs done to us or we have done to others? What a gift forgiveness is. Can we accept this age of calmness in our lives without the frantic activity we have lived with in the past?

It is time for us to bathe comfortably in the simple things we now have time for. We can stop and really see the world around us.  The pleasure of a bright sunny day with clouds tickling our imagination with visions made for our own eyes. There is time to watch a tree change in the season with the miracle of colors painted by nature for us to enjoy. We can now indulge in the hobbies that interest us, reading, painting, traveling or whatever can be afforded or want to do. It is time to let go of all the fears we have held on for one reason or another.

The time of aging is not the end; it is only the beginning of a new era to be considered as a time to evaluate our growth and expectations. It is a time when growing older, despite some limitations due to health and environment, that may serve us well. It is a time to take inventory of all we have learned, loved and cherished and to be peaceful and calm.

Growing older, we should enjoy the knowledge, insight and experience the years have endowed us. I hope for all to appreciate the past and enjoy the present, which should sustain us for the remainder of our days.

Linda Alessi is a contributing columnist writing about life beyond the younger years.

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