Life in the Golden Years: Do you remember when?

Linda Alessi • Updated Sep 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM

The daily newspaper was one way we would know the events of the day. The radio gave us the latest happenings up to the minute. The weekly “Pathe News” in the local theater brought images to the screen. 

Weekly and monthly magazines informed the public of fact and happenings in our country and the world. Detailed writings by reporters, commentators and editorialists would expand and deliver comments and opinions.

Oh, how our world has changed. We are now instantly informed and viewing events via telephone, iPhones and the internet spontaneously. We no longer have time to digest the information thrust upon us by the media with little time to reflect and think. Our reaction is immediate, usually emotional and many times premature.

Those of us who have lived into the seventh and eighth decade of our lives can look back and recall the moments of great history making. One of the most memorable radio speeches given by our only four-term President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, announcing the bombing of Pearl Harbor, stating it was a “day of infamy.” It was, and everyone who heard it will never forget it. The end of World War II is still a vivid memory. The joy of seeing our men returning home is forever embedded in our minds.

Events that make history leave indelible impressions that we will recall long after they happen. The day an American went to the moon brings us back in our reverie, and we can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing at that particular time. The day our young President John F. Kennedy was assassinated was a page in our history that is hard to forget.

Our country and our world have lived through extraordinary times of strife and happenings. The conquest of diseases through research of science, the uncovered secrets of the brain and its functions were incredible. Each of us can count the ways our lives have changed in the last 50 years, and still each day there is more to learn and uncover.

Modern communication brings us closer together with others in far-away places.  We can be in touch visibility via the internet. Our ability to travel in record time is now available.

The last 100 years have brought historical changes in our country. Women received the right to vote and also to be able to attain positions in the workplace and political life. Life in our world today is far different than our grandparents experienced in their time.

Some of us find it difficult to adjust to the changes that are so evident. Many of us have lived through change, both good and bad, and we survived. It is with faith, understanding and love that we can accept and adjust to change. 

Linda Alessi is a contributing columnist writing about life beyond the younger years.

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