Life in the Golden Years: Courage for me is...

Linda Alessi • Updated Aug 26, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Courage for me is when a small child drops the hand of his mother and takes his first steps and on the first day of school when he enters into a new world of his own.

Courage for me is when a person speaks out for what he or she believes regardless of the negative opinion of others.

Courage for me is when against all odds the human spirit is reflected in the hope of winning a battle of cancer.

Courage for me is when the culmination of a relationship is imminent and a decision to sever the ties is necessary.

Courage for me is rediscovering oneself and creating a new vision to strive for.

Courage for me is growing older accepting the limitations and maximizing the wisdom acquired through the years is utilized.

Courage for me is entering every new stage of life with positive thoughts and expectations, knowing there will be disappointments and setbacks.

Courage is for me living each day as if it were the last and touching the lives with a kind word or action to be remembered.

Linda Alessi is a contributing columnist writing about life beyond the younger years.

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