Life in the Golden Years: The power of light

Linda Alessi • Updated Jul 29, 2017 at 3:00 PM

“Thy word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” 

— Psalms 119:105.

The darkness and the long silence of the night sometimes bring to us a feeling of loneliness. We search for a crack or stream of light in the vast darkness on a sleepless night.  

Oh how we long for the light to come. Our fears and loneliness seem overwhelming in the dark. The great source of illumination comes with the morning sun. We greet the dawn and daylight, and we feel comfort and relief.

Children sometimes regard the darkness as frightening. A small light can be reassurance that all is well. Remember hiding in a closet as a child? The crack under the door let in a stream of light, and we were reminded that outside we would be safe.

A new love comes into your life.  This person becomes “the light of your life”. You are aglow with a radiance reflecting your feelings for this new love.  Each new day is greeted with hope, promise and a new fulfillment.

Many of us relate to the loss of someone precious, either by separation, death or a broken relationship. We miss the touch, the communication and the loss of sharing with this person. This is a time we often refer to the light going out of our life.

A child is born out of darkness and enters into the light of the world. Visit the nursery at any hospital where a newborn arrives, wrinkled, tiny and many times crying. You are sure to witness pure joy on the faces of parents, grandparents or any onlookers. The source of joy is a new light brought forth to those who waited for this child.

Burdens can be born when the load becomes lighter. Problems may be solved when we share with others who are willing to listen and empathize. A new source of light may appear when a new prospective is offered.

Lighten up. When all seems serious and forlorn, humor can lighten the day. Can you remember when laughter helped you forget your troubles, even for a while?  

Enjoying a light lunch seems appropriate at times. Satisfying a basic desire for food can be just the right thing to do. A heavy meal may leave us sluggish and uncomfortable.

People in despair come to see the light in a revelation of a truth or awareness. Faith or belief in a higher power can aid us to see the light. Conflict can be addressed when the issue is illuminated and there is clarity.

Have you ever been lost in a forest? The maze of trees and brush may be thick and enclosing you, and a light filters through an opening in the trees. There is a clearing and your surroundings are familiar. How relieved you are. You are no longer lost but can follow the path of light to safety.

When an idea formulates in our minds we often refer to a light bulb lit. This illumination of a subject can help us to create and explore new thoughts. What creative thoughts and plans we can conjure up when the light shines.

When there seems to be no hope, suddenly we see the light. When we pray for guidance and help, do we recognize the answer when it come to light? Is this a sign for us to follow a path we should be traveling at this particular time?

Light can always be there if we open our eyes. It can be there in darkness, in stress and we can greet it openly. Light is so frequent in our daily lives; we only have to recognize it. In the dark places of our hearts and minds, let us make the sun shine in.  My life has been lightened by the grace and love of God, my family and friends. I wish everyone the ability to let that light shine for you.

Linda Alessi, of Lebanon, is a regular contributing columnist. She writes about life in the golden years.

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