Mt. Juliet Chamber gets marketing tips

Xavier Smith • Nov 17, 2017 at 5:14 PM

Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce members received several marketing tips to grow their business Friday during the final Business Boost event of 2017.

The Business Boost is the chamber’s bi-monthly series of informative and interactive small business education sessions led by some of the area’s top professionals.

Katie Adkisson, of Reed Public Relations in Nashville, shared several tips with local business leaders on how to formulate, implement and improve their marketing strategies. Adkisson said Reed Public Relations prides itself on bringing a “fresh approach” to marketing.

Adkisson discussed the difference between marketing, public relations and communications, which she said is often confused or intertwined by most people.

“I think of public relations as something that uses a third party,” said Adkisson, who referenced news outlets or blogs. “Marketing is where you’re directly selling or something like that. A lot of people think that marketing is a brochure, website or social media, but in actuality, marketing and public relations are using all of those things as tool. They are really just pieces of the pie.”

Adkisson also shared her first step when it comes to marketing, which involves determining why a business or service exists instead of what the business offers.

“We all think about what we’re selling. I’m selling things, services or whatever that might be. Everybody talks about the what, but what really connects the people is the why. Most of our decisions are made emotionally, whether we know it or not,” she said.

Adkission shared other tips on how to stand out from the competition, determine the appropriate audience and grow an online presence. She highlighted the biggest thing with business to consumer marketing is to make sure there’s a unified message.

“Business to consumer can be a lot more fun because there are a lot of unique and fun things to do if you’re a local restaurant or retail store or something like that. You have to reach a much broader audience and have to make sure things are really on your message,” she said.

For more information, including Reed Public Relations services, visit reedpublicrelations.com, or follow the agency on Twitter @ItsReedPR.


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