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Butts: Traffic sign problems in the Glade

dfox • Nov 24, 2015 at 6:00 PM

The biggest part of the problem is the fact that the stop signs are located too close to the center of the intersection. They are supported by some costly concrete platforms that the trucks have no problem running over. It wouldn’t take a degree in civil engineering to come to the conclusion that the signs are in the wrong place.

I believe we could go down to the Gladeville Elementary School and get a couple of third graders who could look at them one time and see what the problem is. They keep putting them up and the trucks keep knocking them down. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is, in my way of thinking, just ridiculous.

Many can remember when there was a yellow blinker light that hung over the middle of the intersection. This also became a problem when a bird built a nest in the light fixture and shorted it out. I was told that someone went up to fix the problem, but the bird was setting on a nest of eggs and they waited until she hatched out to complete the repairs and replace the light bulb. There was no report of accidents while the birds were being hatched, and the light was out of commission.

This should tell us something. We should ask ourselves if we really need a stop sign at all. I know it would be asking too much to see if there is a remote possibility that we could replace the antiquated stop signs with a one time cure of a traffic light hanging above the intersection.

The members of the GPC (Gladeville Procrastinators Club) are strictly against a four-way electric traffic light. They claim it would take away from the charm of the historic district. So, the problem of what to do about the stop signs at the main intersection continues to haunt us here in The Glade.

The GPC has voted to do away with the stop signs and replace them with a blinker light. They want this light to be above the intersection, leaving Stewarts Ferry open for through traffic, with only a yellow blinking light. In their perfect world, the traffic on Stewarts Ferry would not have to stop. The other direction would have a red blinker light, which means they would have to stop. I believe they may be onto something here.

They didn’t make any final decisions. They voted to table the motion until the next stated meeting. The procrastinators have their meeting at the Gladeville General Store and Deli every Tuesday at 6 a.m., unless they postpone it.

Words of Wisdom from Uncle Hershel: The fact that your nose will itch as soon as your hands are greasy or dirty, is just another example of Murphy’s law.

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