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Xavier Smith: Let Cam dance

dfox • Updated Nov 18, 2015 at 8:48 AM

Nonetheless, if you’ve missed the incident, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has received, in my opinion, unnecessary criticism from sports analysts and enthusiasts, as well as a Nashville mother, for an extended touchdown celebration during Sunday’s game against the Titans.

Now, let’s focus on the celebration itself – simply because that’s the moment most people are focused on. I don’t want to hear about any trash talk that occurred during the game or his track record of being arrogant and cocky. Talk about the dance.

It was harmless. He didn’t find a Titans player and dance in their face, nor did he run toward the crowd and dance. He simply got up from the ground and started dancing. 

Was it too long? That’s a personal preference. Last time I checked, there’s not a time limit on touchdown celebrations. Did I think it was too long? Just a little bit, but that’s only because it was the Titans. 

If he did the celebration against the New Orleans Saints or another division rival, if would make more sense, but not the two-win, nonconference opponent Titans. 

I don’t care that Newton is the franchise quarterback and should behave in a manner displayed by other franchise quarterbacks. That’s based on someone else’s standard and judgment, not Newton’s.

I, personally, am in favor of letting people know when you’re hot, which the undefeated Carolina Panthers are right now. I believe you can have humble confidence. For me, a part of being humble is enjoying your success and having fun.

If the Panthers were winless (or even had only two wins) and Newton was having a dismal year, I would feel completely different about the timeliness of his celebration. But, the Panters and Newton are in a complete opposite situation.

The difference between Newton’s confidence and, say Ronda Rousey, is Rousey’s confidence became disrespectful, in my opinion. I don’t think Newton’s dance would classify as disrespectful.

If you pay attention, only one Titans player initially confronted Newton about his dancing. Like the Titans defense on the play, he couldn’t stop Newton from doing what he wanted. The Titans player initiated the overblown incident, not Newton.

As it’s been stated numerous times, if you don’t want a player to celebrate, don’t let them score. If you don’t want Victor Cruz to salsa, don’t let him score. If you don’t want Odell Beckham Jr. to do his various dances, don’t let him score. If you don’t want Aaron Rodgers to discount double check, don’t let him score.

If you feel Newton went overboard with his celebration, I understand, just don’t agree. 

Fifteen years ago, Terrell Owens (with the San Francisco 49ers at the time) infamously celebrated a touchdown while standing on the Dallas Cowboys star. That was disrespectful, not Newton’s dance.

Xavier Smith is a staff writer for The Democrat. Email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @wilsonnewswritr.

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