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Letter to the Editor: Number of legal guns does not equate to crime

dfox • Nov 14, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Yes, they do have a lower crime rate and did even before these countries enacted Draconian anti-gun laws.  Current Demoncrat politicians like to talk about these countries because they enacted first strict gun registration followed later by mass confiscation (which is by the way why the NRA does not like registration).  What they will not tell you is that the violent crime rate skyrocketed.

Armed robberies went up.  Violent home invasion went up, in some areas by 1,000 percent (yep, I said a thousand percent).  Even firearms murders went up by 200-300 percent in some urban areas.  But the gun haters will not talk about this.

 Here in the United States we can look at the crime rate in specific areas and come to much the same conclusion.  The areas with the most draconian anti-gun laws are the ones with the highest rate of violent crime.  In evidence I submit areas like Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York.  It is all but impossible to possess a LEGAL firearm in these cities yet they consistently have numbers of murders and other violent crimes far above that of other more gun friendly cities. 

The gun haters are so far removed from reality in this that the Gov. of New York State recently stated that the reason violent crime in New York City was so high is that guns can easily be purchased in Southern states.  Really?  I mean really?

Part of the problem is that the haters count all uses of firearms in the same pile.  If you and your spouse are leaving a movie and are confronted by a couple of lowlifes committed to robbing you in the dark corner of the parking and you pull your legal handgun to chase them off, the haters will count your action as threatening with a firearm and therefore an act of “gun violence.”

 Recently in a suburb of Atlanta a young mother found herself backed into an attic crawlspace with her two young children behind her and an armed violent home invader in front of her attempting to enter the space while telling her loudly what he intended to do to her and her two young children.

Fortunately the woman also had a .38 revolver and was able to put three rounds in the chest of the bad guy who fled the house only to die in the front yard.  The gun haters will count this lowlife’s death in the same pile as they would if he had killed the woman instead.  I count this a net gain for humanity.  The gun haters simply see it as another gun death.

Credible research has shown that the baseline number of legitimate self defense uses of firearms is 2,000 to 3,000 each day.  Yes, each day and the actual number could be much higher.   If just one in ten (10 percent) of these result in saving an innocent life then the number of lives saved by legal firearms ownership each year could far exceed the number of homicides.  But the anti-gun crowd will tell you that all guns are bad and that no one should have them.

Roy Denney


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