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Butts: Masonic activities in the Glade

dfox • Nov 10, 2015 at 6:00 PM

The Mt. Juliet Masonic Lodge No. 642 is located at 279 Tate Lane. Every Wednesday they have a breakfast which is open to the public. It starts about 7:30 a.m. If you come early, you can see the men cooking the breakfast right before your eyes. You will get to see them cooking those big, fluffy, cat head (made from scratch) biscuits.

You can get your eggs any way you like them, as long as you like them scrambled. Bacon, ham, mystery meat and sausage are the meats of choice. Gourmet imported coffee is also served. Chilled citrus juice of your choice is offered. The homemade sausage gravy is to die for. They have a buffet style serving system. It’s all offered for a donation.

The lodge uses the proceeds of the breakfast to help children in many ways. They have helped many children with tuition to schools. Since the beginning of the Wednesday morning breakfast, several years ago, they have paid out thousands of dollars to help children.

Before I left, they gave me a substantial monetary gift to help with the Wilson County Shrine Club’s annual Christmas party for the special needs children. This annual Christmas party will be on the Tuesday, Dec, 8 at 6 p.m., at the Ward center on the fairgrounds in Lebanon.

Every year about 200 special needs children are provided a Christmas party, which is put on by the Wilson County Shrine Club and volunteers from the community. The children will receive a meal, a sack of candy, an envelope with money in it, and they get to meet Santa Claus himself. They will be entertained by Melvin Sloan, Karen Wheeler, and several other entertainers right from the stage of the Grand Ole’ Opry.

The Mt.Juliet Masonic Lodge quietly does good things for others in the community. I suggest you make an effort to go over and see what these fine folks are doing some Wednesday morning, and see what I’m talking about. You will come away believing in people again. With all the bad things we are bombarded with on the news everyday, it is a relief to see that there are still God-fearing people left in the world.

Words of Wisdom from Uncle Hershel: If you can’t believe it’s not butter, you have a problem.

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