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Letter to the Editor: Why try so hard to destroy Christians?

dfox • Updated Nov 2, 2015 at 10:06 PM

Why try so hard to destroy Christians. It’s nothing new. We were warned it will happen. When Christ appeared we were exposed of our sin and we were made uncomfortable. So we try to stamp Christ out of society. But by golly, He keeps showing up! Oh WOW! That’s who I want to serve! If faith in Christ was not so powerful, why do evil men fear it? He is forever!

Here in America, we have every right to freedom of speech. But if you are a Christian, all of a sudden your right to freedom of speech and religion is not meant for you? When did it become ok to insult Christians here in America? The law of the land was based off godly principals and the 10 commandments. Why do you think it’s against the law to kill someone, or steal or have more than one wife or get divorce on grounds of adultery? I am just saying, give it some thought. We’ve seen how life in other cities would be if there were no laws to govern us to keep us safe. People ran rampant in the streets with no direction and committing crimes to hurt others for no reason. 

But I would love to clarify something. There are many ways to show godly love. One is to pat each other on the head and say you can be your authentic self and live as you please, it is ok. Or, we can teach by example that Christ is love and we can love and not be the judge. Also, we can share the Word to those who want to know truth.  “We must show love!” Yes, I say amen to that! 

However, what is showing Christian love?  I would not keep quiet if I saw someone heading toward danger.  Would it be showing love to allow them to plunge off a bridge that I know is out? Could it very well be showing love that I would warn them that the bridge is out? Love is not always a smile on your face. It can also be tears in your eyes to see someone hurting and knowing you have the answer that will give them hope and heal their brokenness. Each of us is given a choice to receive or reject a message. 

I’ve looked back in my mind’s eye, trying to visualize how it must have been hundreds of years ago when Noah was building the ark. Yes, he was made fun of and laughed at as a sport. I am quite sure some even said that old silly man over there building a life boat to save others from a flood of destruction, was hilarious at that time, given the fact that no rain had come during the lifetime of those people. How strange for a man to build an ark with no threat of rain in the forecast. To be clear, this letter is written with a broken heart of love. Love for all people all over this World. And one more thing, to show Christian love is to show love even to those who make fun of you. We are not the final Judge. We will be the first to come to your aid should you need us. Repentance and forgiveness is what a true believer is all about. That is the sweet love of Christ who dwells in our heart!

Elaine Mount


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