Lebanon woman claims UPS driver killed family dog

Jacob Smith • Feb 23, 2018 at 2:57 PM

A Lebanon woman took to Facebook with her frustration after a UPS driver was reportedly caught on video running over and killing her dog while she was on vacation.

According to Tara Leurs, on her and her family’s last day of vacation, she got a notification on her phone her package was delivered. Leurs asked her mom if she could put the package inside the house.

“My mom called hysterically crying to tell us that our 90-pound labradoodle Brodie was dead in the driveway,” said Leurs. “He had been run over by the UPS driver. No note. No call. No notification.”

Leurs had a surveillance video set up that showed the UPS driver driving away and running over one of the dogs. When she contacted the organization, she was told the driver reported the incident around noon, but the dog wasn’t wearing a collar, and they had no access to the family’s contact information.

“I informed them that the incident happened an hour after he claimed to have reported killing my dog,” said Leurs. “He asked us how I knew that, then I told him we have a camera with video and audio. My dog had three collars on, identification, flea collar and an invisible fence collar. I told him that I am registered with UPS, and they have my contact info.”

Later that day, the family’s camera was triggered again and showed a man in a UPS uniform walking around on the family’s property. Leurs believes he was searching for surveillance cameras.

“He messed with my driveway sensor and was careful not to pull his car in my driveway,” said Leurs. “We reached back out to the rep and told him. He responded, ‘Oh that was me. I should have told you I would come by. I needed to visit so I could file a report. Can you send me the video?’”

Leurs husband, Jeff, said the family chose not to make the video public due to the graphic nature.

UPS issued a statement regarding the incident.

“We were sorry to hear about the loss of the Leurs family’s dog. UPS is investigating the situation and has been in contact with the family. We look forward to receiving the video footage so the company can conclude its investigation and take appropriate action,” the statement said.

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