Runaway cat returns after break-in

Jake Old • Updated Jan 31, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Mara, an 8-year-old senior cat at New Leash On Life, fled the shelter last week after a suspect broke into New Leash through her cat condo.

After a day of worry and searching, Mara returned to the shelter on her own, according to Angela Chapman, executive director of New Leash.

“We didn’t know if something happened to her, if she was hurt (during the break-in) or if she just got out,” Chapman said. “We spent the whole next day looking for her. We set out safe traps around, and once everybody left for the day and things got quiet, we caught her in one of the safe traps near where she got out.”

As a result of the break-in, several windows were broken, and Mara’s cat condo was filled with broken glass. Fortunately, Mara did not have any injuries or glass on her when she returned.

Mara is a shy cat who would need to be adopted into a single-cat home, Chapman said. This is why Mara was isolated from other cats at the shelter.

For now, Mara is temporarily being held in a separate area until her cat condo can be repaired.

“The important thing is our animals weren’t hurt,” Chapman said.

Mara has been at the shelter since December, and Chapman said she would like to see Mara find a good home.

“She needs to be somewhere where she can be the only cat, and where she can be shy,” Chapman said.

Mara came to the shelter after her family moved and was not able to bring her along on the move. She was also previously adopted and returned because the adopting family found that their dog would pick on her, and she would go into hiding.

“Mara is a sweet girl who enjoys getting affection and we hope will thrive in a quiet home environment if given a chance,” Mara’s bio on the New Leash on Life website states.

The break-in is among a series of break-ins reported in the area, including one reported at Coles Ferry Elementary School on Thursday night, where surveillance cameras captured a photo of the suspect’s face. Police believe the incidents could be related.

For more information about Mara or New Leash on Life, contact New Leash at 615-444-1144 or visit newleashonline.org. 

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