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Ham goes on the lam

Laurie Everett • Updated Aug 2, 2013 at 8:48 AM

“Ham” got a wild hair Wednesday and decided to make a break for greener pastures. His partner “Eggs” was left to look after their six piglets. The wanderer was a beloved pet potbelly pig and has a reputation for slipping out from under the watchful eyes of his owners who live on W. Division Street.

A conscientious passerby spotted Ham grazing in one of those green pastures about a half-mile from his home, precariously close to zooming traffic. The motorist decided to call 911.

Animal control officers could not respond, so Mt. Juliet Police Officer Mike Wentzell and Sgt. Glenn Hamblen headed out see what they could do to keep Ham from getting into trouble.

“I found a pig grazing, and it was really close to the road,” Wentzell said. “I didn’t want it to get in traffic. Obviously it was somebody’s pet.”

The officer said while they figured out a plan to capture Ham, they corralled him away from the traffic.

Oblivious to the officers’ conundrum, Ham munched and enjoyed his fleeting freedom.

Within five minutes Wentzell spotted a Honda heading their way. Inside were Ham’s distraught owners.

“They were elated we watched over Ham,” said Wentzell.

He said Ham was loaded up and driven back home, safe and sound.

The officer said they get a variety of eccentric calls each day, but this one takes the cake.

“It’s our duty to protect and serve,” said Wentzell while chuckling. “Today we served.”

And lucky for Ham, they were protecting as well.

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