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United Way welcomes procrastinators

John McMillan • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:39 PM

Hi, and welcome fellow procrastinators. More than any other time in the year, the Christmas season really distinguishes the “men from the boys,” so to speak, when it comes to procrastination. 

Sure there are some folks who didn’t buy their gifts until a week ago. What about those among us who won’t know what Aunt Peggy will find wrapped under the tree this season until about midnight Dec. 24? 

Of course, some people are just hard to buy for and that’s not our fault. May I make a suggestion? Visit give@givetouwwc.org and check out the easiest giving you’ll do all season. By this time in my life, I’ve realized that there are plenty of things I want, but few I really need. 

A homemade gift warms my heart. A card someone took the time to write instead of picking out the best sentiment in the card isle is so much more touching. I think giving a gift to honor someone has the same feeling as the aforementioned, thoughtful gifts. I admit that’s a shameless plug for our United Way of Wilson County, but then I’m a believer in what we accomplish for the community because of our community support.

Still, you need to consider your gift carefully. Sure, you could simply go to our site or any of dozens of other giving sites and just pick a charity, but the key is to find something especially relevant to the person you’re giving the gift for. That’s the great thing about giving locally. Your choices are more focused to Wilson County and, in our case, can be designated to any of our over 30 partner agencies.

Now that we’ve solved your hardest Christmas purchase list problems, I want to explain how this is possible. A board of directors governs UWWC, and all of our funds are allocated by another board of 40 local volunteers. Leveraging these volunteers’ abilities helps us give back to the communities we serve.

Our volunteers routinely give their time, expertise and, yes, funds. We want to thank Visionary Design Group in Watertown for the new giving site. Owner and Communications Chair Collette Stoffel volunteered to design and implement the new fundraising tool for UWWC, which has received quite a bit of traffic to date. My hope is that a few more procrastinators will read this article and either take advantage of a great deal and/or pass the information along to fellow procrastinators.

With all this being said, allow us at UWWC to wish everyone a very merry Christmas with family and friends. We are especially grateful to our community of supporters, partner agencies and our volunteer family. We hope during this season of giving that you’ll not only remember UWWC, but that you’ll support your community in whatever way you choose. Together we make Wilson County a great place to live.

If you would like to volunteer or just need information about available programs near you, contact 211 or email UWWC directly at jmunitedway@bellsouth.net.

John McMillin is president of United Way of Wilson County. Email him at jmunitedway@bellsouth.net.

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