Letter to the Editor: Does MB stand for Mae Beavers or make-believe?

Staff Reports • Updated Mar 7, 2017 at 2:45 PM

To the Editor:

Well, it wouldn’t have been a usual weekend without Sen. Mae Beavers embarrassing herself or her constituents.

On Sunday, Beavers told a pro-Donald Trump rally that Trump’s election to the presidency was “divine intervention” – the same weekend our president baselessly accused Barack Obama of committing a felony and days after another member of his campaign was sanctioned because of ties to Russia.

There might have been intervention in Trump’s election, but let’s not pretend it was divine.

Of course, Beavers is good at playing make-believe: she’s the same person who made up a story in February about terrorists targeting the Bible belt, then had to recant after an audio recording of her remarks was given to the media.

She’s also very good at pretending dissent doesn’t exist – as those blocked by her on social media can attest – and loves to pretend non-heterosexuals threaten the American way of life. No wonder she likes Trump. She, too, feels as if she can say anything and do anything she pleases.

It’s time to stop pretending Beavers represents Wilson County. “M.B.” usually stands for Mae Beavers, but it now stands for “make-believe.” We must do better.

Dean Fox


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