Letter to the Editor: Veterans Affairs still has some work left to do

Staff Reports • Mar 7, 2017 at 3:00 PM

To the Editor:

I recently went to the Veterans Hospital in Murfreesboro to get new eyeglasses. They informed me they were at least a year behind, and they would get me an appointment at an outside eye clinic to get my prescription. 

When I called the eye clinic, just to verify my appointment, I was informed they were not open on the day of my appointment, and I would need to call the VA so they could make me another appointment. In the meantime, a week had gone by. 

They finally called and told me I had an appointment in Mt. Juliet. I made that appointment and was given my prescription to take back to the VA. I was informed they don’t make the glasses there. They have the frames there, but they send them to somewhere else to assemble them. That’s when they told me they were a little behind, and it would be 10 weeks before I received my new glasses. 

It seems like I remember our previous president telling us they had solved the problems with the Veterans Administration, and everything would be better now. I do believe it’s getting worse, and our veterans deserve better. 

I’m thinking if I were in this country illegally, I wouldn’t have a problem getting this taken care of. More heads need to roll at the VA. 

Hershel Butts


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