Letter to the Editor: No one really ‘hacked the presidential election’

Staff Reports • Jan 24, 2017 at 4:15 PM

To the Editor:

There is a great deal of concern over the possibility of the Russian government or perhaps someone else hacking the presidential election. A lot of people are throwing out what they want to consider “truths,” but very few are talking actual facts. So please allow me to throw some facts at you.  

First off is that no one “hacked the election.” To state this would insinuate that they were in some way able to hack into state and local vote counts and numbers and to in some way change the actual count. There is no indication anywhere that this happened. In most cases, it would, in fact, be impossible for that to happen. For the vast majority of the country, it would have been impossible because there is no internet access to this data other than when the counties electronically send their information to the state. There is no way to ‘hack’ into a machine that is not connected to the internet. 

Now, these hackers may have hacked into someone’s non-secure emails. They, along with a lot of other people and organizations, almost assuredly hacked into an illegal non-secure server that illegally contained classified national security information and apparently deeply embarrassing information on illegal and un-ethical activities of the owner of the server.

What was the result of these hackings? Well, the information was published over the internet via Wiki Leaks. Hundreds of millions of voters were made aware of the embarrassing and potentially criminal behavior of the news media’s favorite candidate. We were giving information that the media and other liberal groups did not want us to have because people who want honest above-board candidate might not vote the way the elite want us peasants to vote. I even saw one spokesman for the Democrat National Convention state that it was treason for us to know about these activities because the information may have been gained illegally. How is that for an inconvenient truth?  Liberals believe it is treason for you to have factual information upon which to base your vote.

Did the release of factual information, that should have been released anyway had there not been a conspiracy to deprive you of that information, affect the vote count?  I guess it is possible but no more than the patent disdain shown the ‘average American’ by the losing party.

So what do we need to do about it? The first is to recognize that Donald Trump won, period.  It is time for the party of “tolerance and peace” to stop their violence and accept the peace. It may be necessary for our government to place some type of sanctions against Russia, but we need to understand that they might return the favor, because yes we do it also. President Barack Obama spent a great deal of effort and taxpayer money trying to affect the outcome of the Israeli election. But perhaps we, the American people, owe the hackers a debt of gratitude for providing us factual information on the criminal dealings of a presidential candidate that liberal elites were trying to force down our throats. 

As a side note that was seen from multiple sources, the Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down for lack of donations now that Hillary Clinton no longer holds a high government office.  

Roy Denney


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