Letters to the Editor: Trump believes he’s already president

Staff Reports • Updated Jan 18, 2017 at 4:15 PM

To the Editor:

Donald Trump thinks he’s been the president for more than a year now. We only have one at a time, and for a good reason. He may have been elected, but he cannot make decisions as the president yet. You can’t go around demanding that the sitting president do what you tell him to. 

Just wait, Mr. Trump, until Jan. 20. He needs to go to the meetings he is supposed to go to in order to learn how to be president. 

He really does, because all the other presidents did. They, or most of them, had an idea of politics. He doesn’t have the least idea. He needs to stick to appointing his cabinet members. 

Stop meddling in other things for now. He talks and acts just like the Russians. Congratulations, we now have a dictator, not a president. 

If he spent half as much time going to meetings as he does on the computer, he might just get by as president. 

They say Christians voted for him. I don’t believe that, because I’ve never seen him lead a prayer or praise God for anything. I wonder if he is even associated with a church. 

By the way, the pope never backed him. That was fake news. 

May God make a Christian out of him. 

David Turner



More reasons to fight Trump

To the Editor:

Well, we older people have another enemy to fight. Donald Trump says he will chop the Medicare program for all 65 years old and older. He also plans to cut the amount of their Social Security checks. These people worked hard for their money and they live, most of them, below the income that is thought to be normal. 

Stop picking on the weak, old and children. 

He also needs to stop being buddies with the Russians. 

Obey the rules like everyone else. He thinks he deserves the best, while others starve. 

Calling the government staff that’s supposed to protect us from enemies wrong – those people know what they are doing. The Russians they know hacked into our computers. We all know they are not our friends. If so, they wouldn’t have done that. Hacking can be tracked back to the computer from where it came. 

Let the FBI and the other government staff do their jobs. They have caught criminals that we know not of. 

Bully, take his money away he worked for, and you’ll have a fit on your hands. 

I think the devil has deceived you and walked right into the White House like the good book foretells. 

If we don’t do something for our parents and grandparents, we cannot say we are Christians. 

Roy Walker


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