Letter to the Editor: Let’s work to make sure we can face the future with confidence

Staff Reports • Updated Jan 17, 2017 at 4:15 PM

To the Editor:
The election of Donald J. Trump to be president of the United States has raised some concerns, not only about him, but about a plethora of issues, as well.
The first concern I have is with the Affordable Care Act, lovingly known as Obamacare. Our congressman is leading the charge to repeal the ACA, which she has voted to repeal more than 50 times. There is no doubt adjustments need to be made to the ACA, but to repeal said legislation without a viable alternative would be unconscionable. Vouchers do not meet this requirement, and I suspect that is what is going to be offered. This is because House Speaker Paul Ryan has proposed in the past to institute a voucher system for Medicare. And, yes, our congressman supports this, as well. One of the major problems with ACA, and other insurances for that matter is both are faced with medical costs that have risen at a higher rate than the rate of inflation.
The second concern is our relation to Vladimir Putin, whom it appears tried to affect the outcome of the election. I am not going to rehash all the reports that have been made regarding Russia’s interference in the election, but in my opinion, Mr. Putin is the most dangerous leader currently holding power in the world today. All you should do is look at his and Russia’s actions in the Ukraine, Crimea and in Aleppo. Also, there is evidence Russia is attempting to subvert the elections to be held in France, the Netherlands and Germany in 2017. Russia has interests in the disintegration of NATO. Mr. Trump wants to make friends with Putin, which with the incidents would be questionable at best.
Another concern of mine is the excessive partisanship exhibited by Republicans and Democrats. I would like to know how long is it going to take for us to start talking to each other and not at each other. We have a myriad of problems in the country, including childhood poverty, inadequate income for families, a disintegrating infrastructure, a huge national debt and on and on. We will not resolve these problems without addressing the problems instead of yelling at each other.
Another concern I have is with the media. Frankly, despite the assessment of Fox News, other than MSNBC, most of the media is corporate news, which owes their reporting to whatever will increase their profits and not what should be reported to insure the survival of our republic. Also, with an around-the-clock news cycle, too many news sources make news instead of report it. With the explosion of social media, the publishing of fake news by Breitbart and Occupy Democrats distort the news. The problem with fake news is that many believe it, which is more than sad. It is dangerous. Again Mr. Trump has not helped by disparaging the sources when they do try to report the news. A free society cannot survive without a free and independent media.
Finally, Mr. Trump was elected president. He is our president whether we like him or not. There is some logic behind the Electoral College because it helps to prevent the tyranny of the majority, and I might add to prevent domination of the electoral process by urban areas over rural areas. If Mr. Trump fails, we all fail. This is not to say he will not be opposed on all issues and should be held accountable. However, we must all work to make sure that we can face the future with confidence and respect for all.

Frank C. Newbell


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