Letter to the Editor: Letters to Santa printed with disregard of others

Staff Reports • Jan 5, 2017 at 4:15 PM

To the Editor:

My kids got sent home from school today with the “Letters to Santa” section of the paper. 

I’m utterly disgusted by it for two reasons. First of all, kids who are still young enough to believe in Santa asking for Call of Duty and Walking Dead? Samsung Galaxy 7s? And iPhones? And a tablet, a phone and a computer? And a kid writing, “A drone. I deserve it. I helped my mom make dinner.” 

What have we done to this generation? There was nothing cute or heartwarming about most of the letters.  

And secondly, some of these kids shared really personal things. “I don’t have enough clothes. My family really needs food.” 

How do you think those parents feel seeing that in the newspaper? How do you think those kids will feel when their peers read it? I can understand printing a selective few cutesy Santa letters, but really? 

I’m so heartbroken that you didn’t show more discretion. 

Melaina Allen


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