Brothers to appear in court on child rape charges

Jake Old • Updated Jan 7, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Two brothers who were indicted on multiple charges of rape of a child younger than 13 years old are scheduled to appear in Wilson County criminal court within the next two weeks. 

Ramiro Limon, 28, and Fernando Limon, 23, are both Mexican nationals who were arrested by Wilson County Sheriff’s deputies in September 2016. Each person faces four counts of rape of a child younger than 13.  

Ramiro Limon, represented by attorney Rob McKinney, is on Judge Brody Kane’s docket for criminal court Thursday. Fernando Limon is scheduled to be in criminal court Jan. 20. 

The two men were found in Antioch at the time of their arrest. They were held in Wilson County Jail since Sept. 20, each on $150,000 bond. 

According to Detective B.J. Stafford of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, the alleged victims are “considerably younger” than the 13-year-old threshold for the charge of rape of a child younger than 13

Stafford and other detectives worked in collaboration with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and with the United States Marshal’s task Force on the case. A TBI official who is a Mexican native assisted in getting around a language barrier with some individuals involved in the case. 

“TBI assisted facilitating interviews with the suspects,” Sheriff Robert Bryan said. “Our office takes pride in the positive working relationships it has established with neighboring law enforcement agencies and agencies such as the Child Advocacy Center, the Department of Children’s Services and countless other entities that provide assistance as well as victim support and resources.” 

The two defendants have a hold placed against them by federal immigration officials. 

“We are extremely proud of our detectives and truly appreciate the help of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force for apprehending these suspects on such heinous charges involving our children,” Bryan said. “This has been a particularly difficult case because of the language barriers and cultural differences.” 

The alleged crimes took place in the northwest part of the county. Investigators began working on the case in late 2015 and presented their findings to a Wilson County Grand Jury, which resulted in an indictment of both men. 

“Based on the physical evidence – overwhelming evidence against them – and witness statements, the [district attorney] chose to charge both defendants,” Stafford said. 

Because the case involves minors, additional information about the case could not be provided without risking the identification of the alleged victims. 

If convicted, the defendants could face up to 25 years in prison on each count of child rape involving a child less than 13 years of age. They could also be deported without the ability to re-enter the United States without federal prosecution.

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