Better Basic Bridge: Lady, don’t forget your angel

Nancy Evins • Updated Mar 19, 2017 at 2:00 PM

It is still my custom to give my adult children their Christmas stockings, and one of the tiny gifts for my daughter was a guardian angel pin for her car visor which read, ”Daughter you are very precious to me. Please always travel safely.”

I had noticed that the choices for the recipients were only for women…sister, aunt, daughter and friend. Maybe the friend was a man. Or are they implying that men are such better drivers than women, they don’t need heavenly protection…or any other kind. 

But, surely, there must be some for husbands, sons, uncles even like crazy old Uncle Harry who shouldn’t be driving at all.

So during this past Christmas at our celebration, joined by one of my daughter’s five Pyrenees dogs, Rosebud, was getting her Christmas present from me by a lot of petting and scratching.

This seemed to be an ideal gift, but I bet she was thinking, “more, more, but cut out all that baby talk.”

When the “more, more” turned out to be “less less” as I turned to open a few Christmas packages, she was intelligent enough to realize that by poking her large head under my arm, she could jerk it enough to toss my arm across her back for another lovely massage.

After awhile, this became tiresome for me, and I turned away from her and then felt a hefty paw belonging to this 87-pound puppy landing on my shoulder to remind me of my canine duties.

Unfortunately, and this is why this is not a bridge column, since I have been hospitalized these past 10 days as it landed on a squamous cell carcinoma, which had already been removed twice. 

So here I am under repair with a 4-by-4-inch skin graft to patch up the third incision.

But I still love Rosebud and really was impressed how she solved her problem.

During all this, my daughter, Karlen, has been so busy with all the chores involved with getting me to the hospital and all that entails.

As we entered the car for the first part, getting in she smiled as she attached the angel pin to the visor of my car, which she would be driving throughout my stay.

On my fourth night here, I received a phone call that she had been in a terrible automobile accident, totaling the car, though not a scratch on her, thank goodness. Later she found shattered glass in her clothes.

She went back to the tow-in compound lot to retrieve three canes, two sets of jumper cables and other odds and ins.

As she was leaving, the mechanic said, “Lady, don’t forget your angel.”

As if we ever could.

Nancy Evins, of Lebanon, is a certified bridge instructor. Email her at na_evins@att.net.


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