Council approves Carver Lane updates

Xavier Smith • Updated May 18, 2017 at 8:00 AM

The Lebanon City Council approved plans Wednesday to improve a section of the city that has seen a recent boom in development and safety concerns.

The group approved the Carver Lane Improvement Plan to help alleviate issues associated with development on Carver Lane, which has had several recent residential developments of various densities. 

One major concern of residents in the area is the Carver Lane and Highway 70 intersection. Public Works director Jeff Baines, city planning director Paul Corder and other city officials recommended a solution to anticipated traffic congestion, particularly at the intersection. 

The group said they felt it was in the best interest of citizens to approve the improvement plan, which will be funded through an increase in permit fees, for development on Carver Lane from Highway 70 to Maple Hill Road.

The permit fees generated by the Carver Lane improvement plans are anticipated to cover the majority of the costs related to improvements at or near Highway 70, including a traffic signal, along with a center turn lane at various intersections such as Smith Drive, Toshiba Drive and more. 

Fees are $600 per residential unit prior to issuance of a building permit for projects that are not required to make improvements to Carver Lane; and $450 per residential until prior to the issuance of the building permit for projects that are required to make significant improvements to Carver Lane to provide safe turning movements or increase roadway capacity at a specific development location.

The group also agreed to tap Ragan-Smith Associates for design and engineer services for improvements to Briskin Lane from Cainsville Road to Sparta Pike. The cost of $155,100 for Ragan-Smith will be added to about $560,000 in grants from the Tennessee Department of Transportation for the project.

The council also approved a payment of about $75,000 relative to a lawsuit filed by George Greenwood and Janet Langley in 2014 for breach of contract.

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