New property appraisers top commission agenda

Xavier Smith • Mar 17, 2017 at 1:55 PM

The Wilson County Commission will look to add two new field appraisers for the Wilson County Property Assessor’s office, which could brings millions to the county.

Wilson County Property Assessor Stephen Goodall presented his case for the new employees last week during a Wilson County Budget Committee meeting.

Goodall said hiring two new field appraisers would allow the department to better serve taxpayers and generate more tax money currently delayed due to the department’s understaffing and a backlog of new construction.

Goodall said the department currently has four field appraisers, but two primarily focus on commercial properties.

“New construction homes are going up fast. They are coming in faster than we have the manpower to put them on the books. This is money Wilson County can use, and I would like to record the new construction homes faster than what is being done now,” Goodall said.

“One employee can generate a substantial amount of tax dollars for Wilson County. With the amount of new construction in Wilson County, it would support two new field employees.”

Goodall said one field appraiser could do about 150 construction homes a week and would cost $36,682 annually for salary. He said with an average of 780 new construction homes annually not on the department’s records, the employee could bring about $1.3 million to the county.

Goodall said the problem exists because the department doesn’t draw and keep record of homes until they’re completed. Depending on when the appraisers review certain areas, several homes could be completed, and homeowners would not pay taxes on the home for months, according to Goodall.

“We have to review the whole county, and by the time we came back to those houses to review them, it may be February or March and, in some cases, you would have a home that had been finished, built and people living in there basically a year with just paying property taxes on the land only. I found 41 homes from 2015 like this, and 600 from 2016,” Goodall said.

The meeting will take place Monday at 7 p.m. at the Wilson County Courthouse.

The commission is also expected to consider:

• tethering standards and requirements for dogs.

• budget amendments for Wilson County Schools, Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Wilson County Trustee’s Office and Wilson County Emergency Management Agency. 

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