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Larry Woody • Jun 8, 2017 at 8:30 AM

BUI arrests: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officers made 17 Boating Under the Influence (BUI) arrests across the state during last week’s Memorial Day weekend.

That’s down from the 21 arrests made during the same holiday period last year. Even better, there were no boating-related fatalities for the third straight years, although there was at least one drowning in a swimming area.

Despite the relatively safe Memorial Day weekend, there have been seven boating-related fatalities in the state this year, along with numerous non-fatal injuries. Officials say the number of accidents reflects the increasingly-congested waters on such lakes as Percy Priest and Old Hickory. As the lakes become more congested, the need for safety increases.

TWRA officers who patrol the waters this summer will be on the lookout for impaired boat drivers and those who engage in dangerous behavior. Boating under the influence carries similar penalties as driving under the influence.

Boaters are advised to review the rules and regulations in the Tennessee Boating Guide, available at most outdoors outlets.

Boating courtesy: Boaters are also asked to follow simple courtesy procedures when launching at congested ramps. Have the boat loaded and ready to launch before backing onto the ramp, so the launching can be done quickly and clear the ramp for the next user.

It is suggested that new boaters practice backing the trailer in their driveway before doing it at a congested boat ramp.

Also, boaters should heed No Wake zones around docks and ramp, both as a courtesy to other boats and as a safety measure.

Squirrel season: The spring squirrel season closes June 11. The traditional fall season will open in late August. There will be no changes this year in bag limits or other regulations.

OHPPBT Bass Tourney: The Old Hickory Percy Priest Bass Tournament (OHPPBT) has some tournaments remaining this year. For information, visit the organization’s website.

Local warden contact: Wilson County game warden Tanner Romsdale can be contacted at 615-781-6622 to report suspected poaching activities or other violations, or for advice about dealing with nuisance wildlife.


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