County approves flood report

Staff Reports • Updated Nov 1, 2016 at 2:30 PM

As a part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Community Rating System program, the Wilson County/Watertown floodplain administrator must make an annual report of activities that were undertaken to fulfill the requirements of the federal CRS program. 

The report was presented to and accepted by the Wilson County Commission on Oct. 18. Watertown’s annual report was presented to and accepted by the Watertown City Council on Oct. 11. 

Wilson County has maintained membership in FEMA’s Community Rating System program since 2013.  

The program rewards local communities for continued compliance with their locally adopted flood management prevention programs and for adopting heightened regulatory, record keeping, outreach and mitigation efforts regarding flood hazard in their communities.

CRS is a voluntary program for NFIP-participating communities. The intended goals of the program are to reduce flood losses, facilitate accurate insurance ratings and to promote the awareness of flood insurance. For more information on the NFIP’s CRS program, visit fema.gov/business/nfip/crs.shtm. For more information about the NFIP, a program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, visit floodsmart.gov.

Wilson County has participated in the National Flood Insurance Program since Aug. 27, 1975 in the emergency program and since June 15, 1984 in the regular program, making flood insurance available to its citizens and property owners. Since entering the NFIP, FEMA has witnessed Wilson County make increased strides in the administration and enforcement of its floodplain management program. The results of these efforts have been a safer, more disaster-resistant community.

As a part of the program, Wilson County is required to maintain and update a locally approved Flood Damage Prevention Resolution and Program.  The Wilson County Flood Damage Prevention Resolution, or “Floodplain and Floodplain Management Ordinance” as it is commonly referred to, is maintained within the context of the Wilson County zoning resolution. The flood damage prevention resolution was last updated May 18, 2009.

The CRS program positively affects the flood insurance rates for 548 policy holders in unincorporated portions of Wilson County and an additional 13 within the city of Watertown as a result of their like enrollment.

For a complete copy of either report, contact the Wilson County Planning Office at 228 E. Main St. in Lebanon or Watertown City Hall at 8630 Sparta Pike in Watertown.

Wilson County planning director Tom Brashear may be reached at the Wilson County Courthouse in room 5 or at 615-449-2836.

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