Teacher resigns after investigation into apparent inappropriate tweets

Jared Felkins • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:20 PM

A Lebanon High School teacher and assistant football coach resigned recently following an investigation into apparent inappropriate contact with a student via Twitter.

Amariah Dewayne Robb, an algebra teacher better known as Coach Robb at the school, resigned Sept. 6, according to Wilson County Director of Schools Tim Setterlund. Robb also worked as an assistant running backs coach with the football team and was employed with the school since July 2005.

Setterlund said he couldn’t comment on the police investigation as it related specifically to Robb due to privacy reasons.

“If we have employees who are making inappropriate comments on Twitter or Facebook or any other social media, we would deem that conduct as unbecoming a teacher,” Setterlund said.

Lebanon police Chief Scott Bowen said Robb, 35, of Gallatin, wasn’t charged following the investigation.

“Nothing they sent us that we found was criminal in nature, so we sent it back to the school system for it to be handled internally,” Bowen said.

According to a report filed Aug. 30 initiated by School Resource Officer Christine Self, Lebanon Officer Joshua Lewis responded to Lebanon High School in reference to possible inappropriate contact from a teacher to a student.

The report said Self told Lewis a teacher informed her there may be some inappropriate contact between Robb and a student. Self said in the report the teacher overheard an argument between two students in the hallway Aug. 29. The report said the student and a cousin were arguing because the student and Robb were chatting through private messages on Twitter.

According to the report, Self was able to get the cousin’s name, Jakaila Alexander, 18, of Lebanon, from the teacher. The report said after speaking with Alexander, Self found out Robb’s Twitter handle was StacksOnDeck@WorldWideFreak_ and Alexander’s Twitter handle was JakailaRayJean@_makingqumoan__.

The report said Self was able to find Aug. 9 security video where Robb called Alexander out of class and informed her he was the person she was chatting with on Twitter.

Bowen said he sent a copy of the Aug. 30 report to Wilson County schools safety director David Burton on Sept. 3 once the investigation was complete.

Bowen said he also received a second, unofficial report concerning Robb from Self on Sept. 5. Bowen also sent that information to Burton. The Democrat received a copy of Bowen’s email to Burton via open records request.

“I got a call today from Christine Self about the case involving the 18-year-old female at the high school,” Bowen said in the email to Burton. “I told her the case had been closed out. She told me today there is a 16-year-old girl that has received communication now, and a freshman female that was ‘hit’ on the butt with a set of keys by the same teacher. I told Christine if the parents wanted to pursue the matter it would be best to have them come to the police department to file a report so as to not raise suspicions. Christine said she has not approached any of the kids for information, and no complaint has been filed as of yet with the school.”

Bowen said no police report was filed concerning the Sept. 5 alleged incidents.

Several public tweets were exchanged between StacksOnDeck and JakailaRayJean between Aug. 4-Aug. 25.

On Aug. 4, StacksOnDeck tweeted “@_makingqumoan__, I prefer a short or tall girl with a good [expletive]…lol” in an exchange.

Also on Aug. 4, StacksOnDeck tweeted “@_makingqumoan__, Just to let u know that I know u your name is Jakiala…lol:-).” JakailaRayJean also sent a tweet Aug. 4 “@WorldWideFreak_, Lol why I gotta do all that? Just tell me? This ain’t no damn guessing game.” StacksOnDeck responded with the tweet “@_makingqumoan__, I will just tell ya in person the next time I see ya.”

On Aug. 15, StacksOnDeck tweeted “@_makingqumoan__, could u follow me so I could [direct message] you cuz I have a personal question to ask u.”

Several other tweets and content found in StacksOnDeck’s Twitter feed not involving JakailaRayJean were explicit and pornographic in nature.

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