911 Board discusses recording problems, surcharges

Jacob Smith • Sep 11, 2017 at 6:31 PM

The Wilson County Emergency Communications 911 Board discussed issues with call-recording software during a meeting Monday.

According to 911 Director Karen Moore, the call center hasn’t been able to record its call history since Aug. 4.

The organization attempted to contact West Corp., the company in charge of the software, but the issue isn’t fixed.

“Every time we check on it, they say they’re working on it,” said Moore. “This, to me, highlights the issue with West more so than it does with AT&T.”

According to Moore, this issue could be solved if the 911 building had its own computer-aided dispatch system. This would allow the organization to keep its own records without having to contract with West Corp.

“If we had a CAD, we wouldn’t have to be worried about not being able to have these records,” said Moore. “As our technology groups meet and we start looking at our core location environment, then we need to address this issue.”

The board also discussed a new surcharge system that will now be handled by the state Department of Revenue instead of the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board.

“They can keep track of it better than the TECB,” said Moore. “And then they have the authority to go in and question their numbers.”

The Department of Revenue will pay all remitted 911 surcharges to the TECB within 30 days of receipt, and it may deduct an administration fee of 1.125 percent of the collected charges. 

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