Shelly Barnes: Kidcentraltn: A website resource for families

Shelly Barnes • Updated Apr 19, 2017 at 7:00 PM

The Governor’s Children’s Cabinet has created a website, kidcentraltn.com, a one-stop shop for Tennessee families to connect with important information and resources provided by state departments. The website pulls content from across state departments, making it easier for families to find what they need.  

The site covers topics like adolescent behavior, car seat requirements, child support, immunizations, safe sleep and the Hope Scholarship.

The kidcentraltn.com website includes:

• information on children’s health, education, development and support.

• a searchable directory of state services for children and families.

• a my profile section where families can see their child’s unique developmental milestones from ages 0-18.

• a mobile app to easily search for services and keep data at your fingertips.

• Facebook and Twitter posts for daily information and updates.

Not only is kidcentraltn.com a great resource for families, but it is also a valuable tool that doctors, case managers, teachers, childcare providers, librarians and other professionals can use in serving their clients.

Visit kidcentraltn.com today, and share it with your family, neighbors, co-workers and friends.

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